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The state paid BGN 302.65 per worker under the scheme 60/40

BGN 302.65 is the average compensation paid by the state to the companies under the 60/40 scheme. This is clear from the written response of Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva to BSP MP Georgi Gjokov.
Of these, BGN 253.47 was to cover the salary of the worker and the remaining money was for insurance.

Until 12 May the National Insurance Institute has paid BGN 14,500 677.77. 'Assuming that employers who have received (4134) already the first amount of compensation for 55,608 persons have maintained the suspension of work or part-time of their staff introduced in March for the entire period of the state of emergency of two months, they are only to be forthcoming. to repay another 43.5 million BGN and for a three-month period respectively -BGN 72.5 million”, the Minister wrote in her reply.

While maintaining the pace in the coming days of 400 applications per 6000 people per day, the projections show that 160-170 000 employees will be covered. “For which, for a projected two-month period, around BGN 173-184 million and a maximum of 275 million will be needed. BGN for a three-month period”, it added in the reply.

By 11 May, a total of 11,150 applications for compensation payments to 171,548 employees were received at the Employment Agency. They were submitted by 9035 employers, some of them submitted more than one application.

454 applications were refused by employers, canceled due to their re-submission to more than one Labour Bureau Directorate due to technical errors and others.

1661 application for 28 478 persons were re-submitted by employers, after removal of technical or administrative errors or due to subsequent extension of the initial period for receipt of compensations.

729 applications are not approved because they do not meet the criteria.

The NSA has been returned for correction by employers a total of 61 lists due to incorrect or duplicate data found in them and technical problems for their verification.

The Social Minister reminds that the scheme can be applied until 30 June. Then a new mark is introduced for a period of 6 months. Under it, the state will give 290 BGN to certain sectors. From 1 to 15 July, companies that are registered in the economic activities “Passenger Urban Suburban Transport” and “Other Passenger Land Transport Unqualified Elsewhere” can apply for the assistance.


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