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The trips of Bulgarians abroad decreased by 46.3% in February and of foreigners in Bulgaria - by 52.6%

In February 2021, during the ongoing epidemic situation in the country, the trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad were 215.3 thousand or 46.3 percent below the registered in February 2020, reported the National Statistical Institute.
In February 2021, the number of arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria was 240.9 thousand or by 52.6 percent less in comparison with February 2020. The collapse was registered in the trips for all observed purposes: “holiday and excursion” - by 81.7 per cent, “official” - by 50.7 per cent, and “other” (incl. visits and transit passes) - by 21.7 per cent. Transit through the country is 54.6 percent (131.5 thousand) of all arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria.

Of the total number of foreigners who visited Bulgaria in February 2021, the share of citizens from the European Union was 40.7 per cent or 56.4 per cent less compared to the same month of the previous year. There was a decrease in the visits of citizens from all observed countries except visits from the Czech Republic, with an increase of 76.1% compared to February 2020. Visits by citizens from the “Other European countries” group decreased by 46.9 per cent.

In February 2021 the relative share of visits by purposes was as follows: with other purposes - 64.1 percent, with professional purpose - 19.5 percent, and with holiday and recreation purpose - 16.4 percent.