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Theme park operators' appetite for Chinese market grows

Over the past six years, the value of the Chinese market has increased tenfold, which is why international theme park operators are looking at the country.
Universal Beijin Resort (Universal Beijing Resort) theme park is scheduled to open trial doors next month. Against this backdrop, competition among foreign and domestic operators of theme parks in the country is also intensified, Radio China reports.

Universal's park will be the first foreign theme park in the capital to appear five years after Disney Shanghai. It is predicted that it will attract more than 6 million visitors in its first year and between 15-20 million over the next.

Operators of large foreign theme parks were eager to enter the market and began to expand rapidly. Despite the pandemic's impact on global tourism, many theme parks in China were able to rebuild business in the second half of last year, thanks to the rapid containment of the contagion. For example, “Disney” in Shanghai reopened last May.

Legoland Resort is also known to be built in Beijing's Fanshan area, as well as in Sichuan Province.

Merlin Entertainments, a world leader in the entertainment sector, plans to open Legoland in Shanghai in 2024. Since entering the market, the company has discovered five attractions.

An industry report said there has been a boom in the local amusement parks market over the past few years, with its value rising to 254.9 billion yuan last year, while it was 21.2 billion yuan in 2014.

Foreign theme park operators are also investing heavily in creating local elements to attract Chinese consumers.