Financial and business news from Bulgaria

There have been frightening figures for the revenues of the companies in Bulgaria

34.2% of businesses in the country in October had less revenue from sales of goods or services compared to September, according to a poll by the National Statistical Institute, aimed at rebuilding the impact of the crisis on companies.
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48,7% indicated that there was no change in their sales revenue, and for 16.6% there was an increase.

The distribution by economic activities shows that 37.2% of the companies in Trade, Transport and Restaurants had a decrease in revenue from sales of goods or services, and for industry this share was 34.6%.

In economic activities “Culture, sports and entertainment, repair of household goods and other activities”, a decrease in sales revenues indicate 44.9% of companies, and for the activity “Construction” - 34.1%.

With regard to staff employed, 16.8% of non-financial enterprises have taken steps to use “paid leave”, follow “remote form of work” - 14%, “unpaid leave” - 9.6%, and “benefit from government measures to support employers” - 8,9%.

For the next month, 94.4% of the non-financial corporations surveyed predict that they will continue their current activity, 3.2% - will suspend their operations temporarily and 1.6% - will cease operations.