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There's a big anomaly in the home market - we'll all win from it VIDEO

The value of our consumer basket is declining for the first time in 40 days - such is the opinion of analysts. Which goods fell cheaper and which rose in price during the state of emergency?
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"As the main hp on the market during these 2 months we can note the stability. We have equal lines, almost no change in basic food products. Since February 25th, we do not have a big change in the price of basic food products,” said the chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchange and Marketers Vladimir Ivanov.

Fruits and vegetables prices were currently falling a little slower, and during the emergency situation there were also “strange variations” in the prices of lemons and ginger.

"There is Bulgarian production, it can also lead to oversupply and very low price levels. The market is oversaturated. In the case of oils, oil, meat is not expected any change in prices”, Vladimir Ivanov commented.

In his words, the difference with last year is due to higher levels in the consumer basket of lemons and meat.

"Cherries are currently beginning to appear on the market, currently they have one level of about 6-8 BGN per kg. The price will enter the regular price levels - about 1.5-2 BGN, the calming will be in a week”, announced on the air of Bulgaria ON AIR the chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchange and Marketers.


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