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They gave the municipality of Rila the way to the Rila Monastery

The road to the Rila Monastery became the property of the municipality of Rila - the government declared a public municipal property section of the republican road III-107 Rila Monastery - Kirilova Polyana. It has a length of 7 km and is on the territory of the municipality of Rila. The change is carried out on the proposal of the municipality. The road section is the only transport link to architectural, historical and artistic complexes of national importance.
Thus, the municipality of Rila will have greater autonomy in the decisions to improve the access of the population, workers in tourist sites, as well as tourists, as the administration will be able to apply under European Union programmes to provide funds for recovery of the technical-operational condition of the road section.

The decision also changes the list of Republican roads, with the name of the Republican road III-107 changing to “(o.p. Dupnitsa - o.p. Blagoevgrad) - Kocherinovo - Rila - Rila Monastery”.