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They inspect pesticide warehouses at the behest of Minister Emil Dimitrov

The Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov issued an order for inspections by the Regional Environment and Water Inspections (RIEW) and the Basin Directorates for Storage of Plant Protection Preparations with expired shelf life.
The minister's order is that they should be assessed according to the potential risk of contamination of surface, groundwater and soil and ensure safe storage of preparations until their final disposal, the MRDB said.

Problems with pesticides date back to 1990 and result from the eradication of the former CCC and APC. Within the framework of the project “Environmentally friendly disposal of end-of-life pesticides and other expired plant protection preparations”, 3,750 tonnes of unfit pesticides were disposed of at facilities in France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium and 70 warehouses were cleaned in the territory of the whole country.

The condition of the remaining uncleaned warehouses needs to be accurately determined and regularly monitored, as improper storage of plant protection products with expired shelf life may cause soil contamination and impair the quality of adjacent water bodies.

The Minister's order aims to ensure prevention of negative impacts on human health and the environment, as well as to take urgent measures in case of high risk of pollution.