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Three ladies are Deputy Ministers of Economy (Renewed)

Stamen Yanev returns for head of the investment agency
Three ladies are Deputy Ministers of Economy, said Minister Kiril Petkov after the government meeting. They are Kalina Konstantinova, Yana Balnikova and Irena Mladenova. Mladenova is the third time in a service cabinet and is familiar with the team, Petkov said.

The recent Deputy Minister of Economy Stamen Yanev returns to the Bulgarian Investment Agency, whose longtime boss was before becoming deputy of Luchezar Borissov.

In our time of these 60 days we want to have maximum fetivitality, foreign investments are a way to enter new capital into the economy and I want to make sure that the people who are there have many years of experience. It is important right now to get as much experience as possible back into the agency and try to raise fresh capital as much as we can in the most effective way. Thus, Petkov justified Yanev's return to the agency.

Petkov said that what he wanted to do was the Bulgarian trade attachés and the investment agency to have a large cooperative. And for these 60 days to achieve real and measurable results. Every attaché, whatever other commitments he has, the first is to be an official representative of Bulgaria. We cannot have trade representatives with other commitments, the most important thing is to represent Bulgaria - he repeated, - and have a result even in the short time of these 60 days.

Specific measures to help the economy and especially small and medium-sized enterprises will be ready within a week. I know what the budget frameworks are, but we will think smart and interesting strategies that we will implement, he said.

Asked whether the NRA will continue to be a paying agency, he clarified that it is in the area of his colleague, Minister of Finance Asen Vasilev, but said that he believes the main objective of the agency is to serve the business, not to be a barrier and a body that only takes funds.

"If we want to be competitive, we need a very good coordination state - a private sector and in it the country to be an aid, not an obstacle.