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Throwing out 10 million litres of beer in France over quarantine

Large-scale restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic have hit brewers in France, who have been forced to dump at least 10 million litres of the sparkling drink because of a sharp drop in demand.
The figures were released by the Brewers Association in France following a meeting involving representatives of 300 businesses that hold 98 percent of the French market, BTA reports.

The closure of cafes, restaurants, the cessation of tourism activities and the cancellation of all festivals and fairs led to the expiry of over 10 million liters of beer, mainly in barrels, stated in a communique of the branch organization, quoted by the c. Le-z-eco. Destroying this beer will incur significant costs for brewers.

Trade unions from the industry are turning to the government for help in destroying the expired product, following the example of European winemakers who made a similar request to Brussels.

Piovars note in their request that although 10 million litres are not so much against the backdrop of 22.5 million hectolitres originally planned for production in 2020, for some companies this may be too much.

As of late April, about 25 percent of the country's brewers completely stopped working, and another 40 percent reduced production by at least 60 percent. A total of 70 percent of brewers posted a 50 percent decline in their revenue after March 15. Half of the enterprises managed to get help from the state.

Since 17 March, quarantine was introduced in France to stop the spread of the coronavirus. On April 28, France's Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented a plan for a gradual exit from isolation to the National Assembly. However, restaurants are not expected to open earlier than June 2.