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Tmid optimism in business despite the crisis

Despite the intensification of the COVID-19 pandemic in October, the business in Bulgaria is feeling optimism. The total business climate indicator in October increases by the minimum 0,5 percentage points compared to the previous month, according to the NSI data.
From the polls conducted by the NSI Chairman Sergey Tsvetarsky, it is evident that only in industry the indicator decreases by 1.3 points. This is due to the more moderate expectations of business executives for the next 6 months. Entrepreneurs in industrial enterprises declare that their capacity is currently loaded up to 72.8% on average and if demand for their output does not intensify, they will have a fairly large surplus of power in the coming months.

In construction the indicator is up by 0.6 percentage points, as recently delays in payments from customers and partners have decreased.

In retailers, the indicator increases by 1.3 points, and this is related to pre-Christmas expectations for strengthening demand for goods.

The most optimism in the field of services is increased - by 3.4 points, but this is against the backdrop of too much pessimism in recent months.


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