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Tomislav Donchev on state gas stations: There will be another player on the market

This is announced as of today the experts from min of economics and finance gathered to discuss it. There is a public interest in fuel quality, and we need to implement a European directive. This was stated by Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov on the occasion of the establishment of state gas stations.
“We will soon upload a bill. The aim is to take this pressure off the price and quality of fuels and to fulfil an obligation under European directives,” he specified.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev pointed out that “there will be another player on the market”.

“Whether this will be additional stability for competition, it will be good for the whole market and especially for the consumer. Property types are equal.” Donchev said.

“One such company will comply with all the rules. We will be on an equal footing with all the other entities that will be in this market. The process of realization will take a long time. I am setting an example with other countries that have state-run grocery chains. The sector will become much more predictable. We believe that citizens will have a more adequate measure”, Karanikolov.

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