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Toplofikatsika Pernik builds installation for more eco-friendly shlamostorage

“Toplofikatsika Pernik” began construction of an installation for wetting the dry part of the shlamostorage facility “7 September”. Work starts in the first week of May, if meteorological circumstances permit. The facility will use existing waters and is a temporary measure until the completion of the documentary procedures and the commencement of reclamation activities. The purpose of this step is to prevent dusting in windy weather.
For the reclamation of the shlamostorage facility “7 September” a project has been prepared to be implemented in nine stages. It is started with reclamation of the areas in the northernmost part and ends with reclamation of the dikes. Since the beginning of March, the project has been coordinated with the responsible institutions. RIEW Sofia is required to pass a procedure for assessing or assessing the environmental impact before issuing the building permit. The closure of the old warehouse and the construction of a new one has been delayed for years due to an appeal by a non-governmental organization.

“Under the pressure of time, because the procedure has been very delayed with the appeal, we are working on several projects — the procedure for reclamation of the old slam repository, we started the new one and have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions through a mix of raw materials. We are at the end of the installation and construction of the auxiliary equipment of gas cogeneration. It's a high-cost project and was launched last year. After installation of the cogenerators, they will provide about 20% clean energy for the pernichans”, said the CEO of the heating system Yasen Katsarov.

He urges the residents of Pernik and institutions not to submit to suggestions. “We're here 24 hours. We have not refused answers to questions asked. We are fulfilling our promises despite our complicated situation. We do it with responsibility for the city, because heating is important for each of us. Pernik is not designed to withstand heating current, that's why our task is so important. We have telephones on duty, citizens and institutions can also write to us on the e-mail — many ways to get reliable information from us and not from assumptions, “Katsarov said.