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TPP “Bobov dol” burns 20 tons of waste per day from Yana station

TPP “Bobov dol” burns 24 hours a day on 20 tons of waste from Yana Station, for 4 years they have not issued a single act, announced the Executive Director of TPP “Bobov dol” Emil Hristov.
“At the moment we are checking how we perform the new complex permit, how we burn RDF, we are currently burning, I am not worried because we are constantly taking measurements, there is no danger to the population”, he said

“We burn 20 tons of waste from the plant in Yana Station, we started last Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday we do not burn, in the new equipment we invested over 500,000 leva, in 4 years we do not have a single act,” said Eng. Christ's.

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