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Trade and economic cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries deepens

From 8 to 12 June in the city of Ningbo will be held the second China-Tie Exhibition and the International Consumer Goods Fair. They will go under the slogan “Building a new model and sharing new opportunities,” China's Assistant Trade Minister Zheng Hunbin said at a news conference today, Radio China reports.
The exhibition “China-Tsie” is the only one at the state level for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is sponsored by China's Ministry of Commerce and the administration of Zhejiang Province. Preparation of the event is currently underway.

Since 2012, fruitful results have been achieved in cooperation between China and CEE countries. Since 2020, the two countries have made great progress in tackling the new coronavirus pandemic and in trade and economic cooperation, Zheng Hunbin said, adding that bilateral trade continued to grow, investment cooperation is intensifying, infrastructure projects are being strengthened perform normally, and the ligaments are strengthened.