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Transport Minister suspends contracts and orders until their verification

Caretaker Transport Minister Georgi Todorov suspends orders and contracts in companies until they are checked. This is what he said when presenting the team and his priorities for the three months of the caretaker cabinet.
Conducting fair and democratic elections and not allowing collapse, in any aspect of the transport system, are the two main priorities, he announced.

“I held a meeting with the management of Information Services, to which I gave instructions to support professionally and expertly the work of the Central Election Commission”, explained Georgi Todorov. Similar conversations were conducted with the manuals of the State Agency “Electronic Government” and with structures of the Ministry of Economy, such as the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization and the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, which are given instructions to fully comply with the instructions of the CEC.

Before the parliamentary elections there will be a local vote, which will be a dress rehearsal for the readiness of all bodies involved in the electoral process, added the Minister.

As one of the specific tasks in the field of transport, Georgi Todorov outlined the preparation of criteria for converting airgrounds into airports for international flights. At present, the sites in Ruse, Lesnovo, Primorsko, Balchik, Kazanlak and Sofia-West have readiness for this. In his words, this way a breath of air will be given for aviation.

“Together with the Ministry of Defence, we will form an expert working group to examine the joint use of airports by military and civil aviation”, he said.

“One of our main tasks will be the reduction of road casualties. The safety and security of transport, the lives and health of people is a top priority. In the coming months we will work with the Ministry of Interior to effectively implement criminal law norms in relation to vandal encroachments on railway infrastructure and rolling stock”, Minister Georgi Todorov said.

We will manage honestly and honorably, the team of the Ministry is entirely of professionals and proven experts from the transport system, he said. “The new Deputy Minister Hristina Velinova has been in the system since 1999 and has engaged in road and air transport. Deputy Minister Neli Andreeva has been in the transport system since 2006 and has expertise in project management. Krasimira Stoyanova, Head of Cabinet is a longtime employee of the ministry. Ivan Markov, Chief Secretary, has served this position for more than 10 years. Dilyana Doychinova will lead Public Relations and Protocol, the official minister clarified.