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Traycho Traykov, former Minister of Energy: Reduction of the price of heating will be felt by consumers

There will certainly be a reduction in the cost of heating, I suppose, however, that heating will prefer not a return of money, but some form of interception or a greater reduction in consumer current accounts during the year. The decrease in the price of gas is really very large - it is immemorial for the near historical memory. This was what former Energy Minister Traycho Traykov told BBC.
For district heating, the reduction will not be so great, since gas is 60 -70% of the value of the energy produced. But even with this arrangement, we're still talking about a 25% reduction.

Will affect transport that uses methane gas, chemical industry, etc. On bread, for example, there is unlikely to be a reduction, but producers will feel this tolerance in order to stay more easily on the market.

Congratulations are for everyone and from now on we have to take advantage of these fruits, said Traykov.

Price negotiation for other countries depends on the time when the renegotiation began. But imagine - 150 million since August, consider the cost of consumers because of the unjustifiably high prices and the abuse of monopoly standing.

I hope the work of the district mayor does not bother me. 'I'm trying to do what's best for people, 'the former minister said..

The theme of the new construction on the site of Hotel Rila is complex. I plead that the project will be presented soon to everyone. There are a lot of open questions, but it's good that the conversation started, the district mayor said.

My property has absolutely clear origins with taxes paid, Traykov said on the occasion of his declaration, which presents him as one of the richest district mayors. He confirmed that some of his property is still in custody.