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Turkey releases Bulgarian tires across the border again

Turkish authorities have issued an injunction releasing Bulgarian drivers from 14-day quarantine upon entering Turkey, BNT said.
The decision comes after several days the entry of Bulgarian trucks into our southern neighbour was restricted.

According to the information of our Consulate General in Edirne, according to new instructions from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey from late afternoon today, Bulgarian drivers will be able to enter the country after appropriate medical examination and disinfection of the vehicles.

Over the past few days, over 100 Bulgarian trucks were not allowed on Turkish territory on the grounds that drivers must pass the mandatory two-week quarantine, although they only run courses between the two countries.

This led to the accumulation of tyres, as well as the inability to deliver food, disinfectants and other essential goods on time. After a series of talks at the highest level, the problem already has its solution from a few hours ago.