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Turkey's Ambassador to Bulgaria: Migration to Bulgaria is zero and will remain so

BGN 420 000 is the financial support that so far Turkey has provided to Bulgaria in the fight against COVID-19. This was announced in an exclusive interview with “Wake Up” on New TV the Turkish Ambassador in Bulgaria Ailin Sekizkok.
She gave two assurances — that this aid will continue until the end of the holy month — Ramadan and that at the borders with Turkey migration will remain zero.

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“I see myself to the whole Bulgarian family of bureaucrats and ministers, because we talk to them daily. They help us and we help them. Turkish support for Bulgaria exceeded 420 000 BGN. We will continue to help throughout the month of Ramadan, "Sekizkök said.

The topic of refugees is not a problem in itself, but is a consequence of political, economic and humanitarian ones, the Ambassador said. “We are facing the largest exodus of people since the Middle Ages. People are moving towards Turkey's borders, in waves of hundreds of thousands. Turkey has been standing as a defence against this wave of people for a long time. We have increased our border capacity to prevent illegal migration to Turkey and from our country to Europe, “Her Excellency said.

“We are for cooperation and solidarity with Europe”, announced Sekizkok.

“It is comforting to see that in Bulgaria Prime Minister Borisov understood this and Turkey's difficulties. Migration to your country is zero and will remain so in the future,” she announced.

Sekizkok informed that the coronavirus had reached Turkey at a very late stage. “On March 11, the first case of infected in the country was detected. Thanks to our preventive policy — temporary cessation of air traffic, closing our borders with Iran and medical checks at airports,” Sekizkok explained.

Tourism is an important part of the Turkish economy. The ambassador brought clarity on how the country would try to save the summer season.

“The good news is that according to preliminary studies, foreign tourists view Turkey positively after the virus. To this conclusion we came to the bazaar of two studies. The first indication is that there are very low rates of cancelled long-term bookings.

Second, short-term ones began to be made in Turkey. This confidence of foreign tourists is key to their attitude towards our health sector. They feel they will be well protected and treated. We'll check on foreign tourists. We cannot afford to meet the virus with them,” she added.