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Turkish Tourism to Start New Season in Mid May

Turkey will campaign to promote the new Turkish tourism season, which has stale due to the coronavirus outbreak.
“We plan to launch the campaign for the new tourist season in mid-May,” Turkish Minister of Tourism and Culture Mehmet Nuri Ersoy informed, BTA reports.

In his words, the campaign will be much more saturated and with much more activity than the previous ones. The aim is to recover losses from tourism, which is among the most posterous sectors of the coronavirus crisis.

"We have opened a line of credit for professional guides, with a limit of up to 10 thousand Turkish Lira and a deferred payment of up to 36 months during a six-month grace period. We have about 8 thousand professional tour guides and all of them will be able to take advantage of this opportunity,” explained the Minister.

Ersoy notes that measures will also be taken to cover losses due to the discontinuation of museums in March under restrictive measures taken because of Covid-19.

"We will extend the deadline of visiting the museums, adding the time, during the time they have been closed. The important thing is to attract tourists to museums. In the campaign to promote Turkish tourism we will include all the tourist areas of the country, the airports, the countries with which we have the greatest tourist exchange, "said Minister Ersoy.

He reminded that “Turkians” plans to resume international flights from 20 May.

Busy in the tourism industry argue that despite the losses in tourism, there is a chance to catch up at least partially due to the fact that the season starts in May and lasts until October, November.

At the same time, social distance measures are envisaged in the tourist complexes, on the beaches and in establishments, which in all likelihood will affect the prices, experts say.


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