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Until February 1, the type of insurance may change

By February 1, self-insured individuals can change the type of insurance, the National Revenue Agency reminds. Self-insured persons are compulsorily provided in the State Social Insurance Pensions Fund, and optionally they can also be provided in the General Illness and Maternity Fund, the NRA said.

Self-insured persons who choose to pay social contributions to the General Sickness and Maternity Fund may benefit from all social risks (excluding occupational accidents and occupational sickness and unemployment) of the CSC. The other option is to pay insurance contributions at a lower rate only to the “Pensions” fund of the OSC (for disability due to common illness, old age and death). However, in this case, reminded by the NRA, self-insurers are not entitled to cash benefits from the OC in certain situations (for example, the so-called “maternal” in pregnancy and childbirth).

The type of insurance for self-insured persons may change for each calendar year if a declaration is submitted according to an approved model by the Executive Director of the NRA. The deadline for submission of the document shall be until 31 January of the relevant year. This year January 31 is Sunday, so the deadline for declaration and payment is extended until 1 February.

Within 7 days of commencement or resumption of work, self-employed persons determine the type of insurance by submitting a declaration on an approved model in the competent territorial directorate of the NRA or through the e-services of the revenue agency with Personal Identification Code /PIC /or electronic signature /EP/.

In case of interruption and resumption of the relevant work activity, as well as starting another employment activity during the calendar year, the already chosen and declared type of insurance may not be changed.

More information and consultations on completing tax and insurance declarations can be received by phone 0700 18 700 /at a price according to the tariff of the telephone operator/.


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