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US gasoline price hits record level over hacker attack

The retail price of gasoline in the United States has hit a record high since 2014 after the Colonial Pipeline pipeline was halted, the American Automobile Association said on its site, as cited by TASS.
From the moment the pipeline's work was shut down last Friday to yesterday morning, the country's petrol prices rose by an average of 7 cents. Average indicators per week reached $3.02 per gallon (or 3,785 l) - these are the highest indicators since October 2014, the association specifies.

According to her estimates, in the short term, fluctuations in retail prices of gasoline will continue. The return to normal will come in parallel with the resumption of pipeline operation.Earlier, Bloomberg agency warned that stopping work at the site could cause fuel prices to rise to the highest level for the past 7 years.

“ Colonial Pipeline” announced that the attack on its system was carried out with a malicious virus that, penetrating the computer system, temporarily blocked its operation and encrypted the data until the victim of the hackers paid the ransom.

According to US media data, criminals hijacked 100 gigabytes of data and the firm was forced to stop work.The Colonial Pipeline pipeline, which connects the state of Texas with the state of New Jersey, is transported about 45 percent of the fuel used on the US East Coast.

The company announced yesterday that the pipeline will be fully restored by the end of the day.