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Valentin Nikolov: Currently Belene NPP does not have a license

At the moment, the project does not have a license. In connection with the license of the NPP “Belene” - it has not completed. The new project has been submitted to the regulator, this was stated by the President of the Parliamentary Energy Committee Valentin Nikolov on BNT as a comment on the European Commission's claim that the future construction of the Belene nuclear plant needs a new license.
“We bring in the old project as a project with the site selection order issued,” he clarified.

According to him, the old project is the technical one, but when you talk about reopening a project, it already has to meet all the new requirements. The old project, with the technical assignment, with the engineering and with everything it has been implemented, has been submitted with new documents that prove the new circumstances required by the Nuclear Safety Directive.

We need to re-notify the European Commission, Valentin Nikolov said, as the old project was approved by the EC, but the new one is not.

Nikolov was adamant that the parameters of the project do not change. The requirements of Bulgaria are set as requirements for the participants who want to win the competition. The financial parameters remain the same - up to 10 billion” 3 billion that Bulgaria has already given, we cannot consider them as 3 billion, but we will consider them based on the valuation that the National Electricity Company has assigned to a company that will evaluate the assets - they may be more, they may be morea little,” he added.

Asked whether the condition “no state guarantee, no obligation to buy electricity” remained, he was adamant that it was unchanged.

I would not say that the winner for the Belene NPP is destined. If so, logically there would be a procedure against Bulgaria.

In his words after the unification of Rosatom, Framatom and General Electric in the procedure for selecting a strategic investor for the construction of our second nuclear power plant Belene increased competition and the opportunity to find the funds for financing the project.

Valentin Nikolov stressed that the future lies with nuclear energy and that coal plants will have to close.

We give Plamen Mladenovski a chance to make his proposals and win us over, to convince us of his qualities as chairman of the EWRC, but I cannot say in any way that the new chief of the regulator will be him, Nikolov said.