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Valentin Nikolov from GERB revealed how the new price of gas will affect consumers

By 40% reduced the price of gas from Russia. The discount will apply retroactively. Bulgargaz will receive about 150 million leva. “Always the reduction of energy resources will affect favorably,” Valentin Nikolov, MP from GERB and chairman of the Energy Committee at the National Assembly told BNT.
According to him, the agreed price is sufficiently competitive, which will also affect the gas market.

Nikolov explained that these days EWRC will receive the contract and from 1 April the new price of gas and heating for distribution companies will have to be considered. This means that it will affect the end user in April.

A working group has been established which should make changes to the law on energy so that there is an opportunity for EWRC to make sure that customers can receive compensation. Nikolov explained that consumers will in any case feel the reduction. All changes will be in place from April 1.