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Valentin Nikolov: We have also announced the EC that there is an option for starting the seventh block of Kozloduy NPP

30 years in energy almost nothing has been done, that's a lot. If we do nothing now, we will have nothing, and old power will be brought out. Now it is really important to start the projects, commented to BTV Valentin Nikolov — Chairman of the Energy Commission in the National Assembly and former Director of the Kozloduy NPP.
In 2011 the idea of a seventh reactor was born because then the possibility to continue the Belene nuclear power plant was shaken due to the choice of a strategic investor — we were looking for a way how to happen the project and possibly the ready equipment to be set as its continuation, explained Valentin Nikolov.

The idea of Kozloduy NPP was born to finance such a project — with a seventh block of finished equipment, he pointed out and recalled that the subsidiary company Kozloduy — New Power Plant chooses “Westing House” for feasibility study, which should include whether it is possible for the equipment from Belene NPP to be put in the Kozloduy NPP as the seventh block. The geodetic survey has been done, the EIA is also a fact.

“All documents to the site selection order are already OK, we have notified all parties in the 100 km zone, everyone has given consent”, said the chairman of the parliamentary committee on energy.

“We have also announced the European Commission that there is an option to start the Kozloduy NPP — we have passed everything we need and I can say, for very little money — about 2 million euros”, Nikolov reported.

In his words, after 30 years 5 and 6 units of Kozloduy NPP are out of service, by 2025 we can afford state aid to all 4000 megawatts of coal plant capacity, but at some point we will have 6000 megawatts of missing capacity and we need to start thinking from now on what will they be replace.

“The advantage of the seventh block of Kozloduy nuclear power plant over the Belene project is that we can implement it with our funds — the main shareholder to be the plant itself. Belene NPP is a nice but expensive project for us and at the moment we can not implement it”, noted Valentin Nikolov.