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Varna Airport: Canceled flights for May and June

For now, all 17 winter destinations except Milan are being served. Some airlines, however, have cancelled their flights from late March to the end of May. Such are flights to Moscow, to Tel Aviv - canceled flights are from April to June, and charters to Antalya are suspended until early May. Flights from Varna to Istanbul on 30 and 31 March have also been cancelled. For now, this is the situation, the press service of the airport said for “24 Hours”.
The airport in Burgas, which serves 2 lines in winter, has two thermo cameras, and the Varna one with one. It is monitored by specialists from RHI, they react when needed. Operational staff are on standby and provide assistance when needed, the airport management assured. There is a tailored mini crisis headquarters with constant connection to the institutions.

It can not be said to what extent travelers from Varna have decreased because in winter new destinations are served and overall passengers have increased.

In Burgas reported a decrease in passengers to and from Moscow and London.

We are yet to feel the reduction, they are categorical from the airport.