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Very important news from the Health Fund about the prices we will pay for treatment in Bulgaria

BLS and NHIF signed the Annex to the LRD 2020-2022. The document regulates in hospital medical care the following changes:
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The ban on medical institutions for hospital care to conclude contracts with the NHIF for activities on clinical pathways, outpatient procedures and clinical procedures on which they have not worked until this time.

The 10% increase in clinical pathway prices adopted in August this year is maintained.

Increased prices of infectious pathways and the price of CP 104 (one of the clinical pathways under which COVID-19 is treated) - 1200 BGN.

NHIF will pay for robotic surgical treatment for oncological diseases and in urology, general, pediatric and thoracic surgery.

And more:

The 10% increase in the average price of all primary outpatient care activities from August this year is maintained in 2021.

The phased introduction of eHealth is regulated. A step in this direction is to drop the timing in PIMP reviews.

The SIMP maintains an increase of nearly 10% in the prices of primary and secondary reviews. Like each patient will be entitled to at least one check-up, paid by the NHIF, after the first one with a specialist.

The possibility remains that hospitals from hospital and outpatient care receive 85% of their usual monthly earnings for the entire duration of the epidemic situation in Bulgaria. The allocation of these funds will be done according to the current methodology.

The Annex to LRD 2020-2022 enters into force as of 1 January 2021.


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