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VIVACOM and United Group donate BGN 900,000 to the Ministry of Health for dealing with COVID-19

Mobile operator Vivacom and its buyer United Group (United Group) donate BGN 900,000 to the Ministry of Health to control the spread of coronavirus in Bulgaria, the telecom said on Monday.
Thus, at the moment the company is emerging the largest donor to support medical institutions for responding to infested emergencies.

The funds will be transferred to the donor account of the Ministry of Health campaign opened to support medical institutions in emergency situations. Days ago, the Ministry announced a donation campaign aiming to raise 5 million leva through DMS SOLIDARNOV at short number 17777.

The donated amount now covers nearly 1/5 of the funds sought, which will help the departmental to secure the most pressing needs of hospitals in the face of the spreading coronary infection, according to the telecom, which in November 2019 it became clear to be acquired against 1.2 billion . euros from the Amsterdam-based telecommunications provider, which starts its business as a cable operator in Serbia.

The deal is still under regulatory approval.

"United Group” will make donations to tackle the disease in all countries in which it operates. It will total USD 3 million, of which 1.2 million in cash and 1.8 million in medical equipment.

The group operates in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia.

"Together, we can help curb a pandemic that has dramatically changed millions of lives, restricted personal contacts and dealt a blow to the world economy.

The donation will support the Bulgarian health system, doctors and all medical professionals who are in the front positions in the fight against the virus,” said Victoria Boclag, CEO of United Group, as quoted in the press release.

"Vivacom” and United Group are aware of the great responsibility they have to society at a time when we are facing a pandemic of this magnitude.

That is why we have decided to assist the Ministry of Health in its efforts to provide everything necessary for healthcare facilities to deal with the situation.

I believe that we will be useful to the whole society and support the medical staff who show unappealing professionalism in the critical situation”, adds Vivacom CEO Atanas Dobrev.

Since last week, the company is free of charge an additional 10,000 MB of maximum speed for its customers to meet the increased needs of home office and staying home for people because of restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus.