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VIVACOM has the fastest mobile network in Bulgaria

VIVACOM strengthens its leadership for the fastest mobile network in Bulgaria according to Ookla research.
The operator's mobile network has once again proven to be the fastest in Bulgaria by scoring the highest average download speed compared to tests in other mobile networks made by users across Bulgaria with Ookla's Speedtest® app. The results are based on analysis in the first quarter of 2020, and over 62 000 tests have been made from over 26 000 unique devices in the networks of all operators in our country.

VIVACOM had the best results on the same indicator in the previous two quarters — third and fourth quarters of 2019. The awards are the result of the company's long-standing constant investments in the development of the network and services. Only for 2019. VIVACOM has invested BGN 205.3 million in its technological infrastructure.