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Vucic: Serbia's Balkan Stream Filled with Gas

The Balkan Stream pipeline in Serbia (the continuation of Turkish Stream) is filled with gas, and its official commissioning will take place on 30 December. This was announced today to journalists Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, quoted by TASS agency.
Gas was released through the pipeline. We did not make a big noise about this, but on December 30th everything will begin as promised, Vucic said.

Before the very end of the year we will organize a small holiday to mark this day, added the Serbian president, BTA reports.

The section passing through the territory of Serbia is a continuation of one of the two pipes at the discoveries on 8 January 2020. “Turkish Stream”, along which Russian gas is delivered to Turkey, and then to Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. The length of the section is 403 km, and the projected power - 13.9 billion cubic meters of gas per year, TASS notes.