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Which are the most expensive companies in the world

With a market valuation of almost $2.3 trillion, Apple takes the top spot among the world's most expensive companies. The US tech giant, whose shares rose nearly 80 percent in 2020, has shifted from the top oil concern Saudi Aramco, according to Ernst & Young and Reuters data, quoted by Deutsche Welle.
Oil concern Saudi Aramco has ceded top spot to Apple. The Arab company is the only one among the top ten in the stock heavyweight not from the tech or financial industry. Aramco's market capitalization is $1.87 trillion.

With two exceptions — Saudi Aramco and the Berkshire Hathaway holding (tenth place) — all the others at the top of the rankings are tech companies. Seven are from the United States, two from China — Tencent and Alibaba. Microsoft's market value gives it the third place - $1.69 trillion.

Initially, Amazon was a commercial firm. Thanks to its innovative internet-based business model, the firm of the world's richest man (Jeff Bezos) also joins the tech sector. Meanwhile, Amazon has also started using drones to deliver goods. With a market price of $1.67 trillion, the company takes the fourth place for 2020.

Another American company that relies on the internet: with a market capitalization of $1.19 trillion, Google's parent concert—Alphabet is the fifth most expensive company in the world and the last, measuring in trillions. Next in the rankings are valued “only” in billions.

And technological and American — the next candidate for a place in the top 10. Tesla's market price ($631 billion) ranked ninth — immediately behind Facebook and China's Tencent and Alibaba. Californians, striving for space, meanwhile, are a phenomenal success - in the annual 2020 rankings climb 143 places!

And German companies? We have to look far back to get to the first German representative: only 71st we find the software concern SAP — the only German company among the top 100. With a market valuation of $160 billion, the firm has moved 21 places down the rankings.

129th place and with a market valuation of $100 billion ranks Volkswagen. Compared to 2019, the German car concern has collapsed 15 places in the rankings. Given the huge fines imposed on him because of the software manipulation, we can talk about even a successful year for the Wolfsburg company.

On German roads cars from Stuttgart are more suited to be in the fastest lane. Which, however, is categorically not the case if we compare the Krauts” financial performance with those of the world's leading companies: 182nd place and a market capitulation of $76 billion. But cars with the three-beam star up front are climbing — last year Mercedes held only 207th position in the rankings.