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WHO praises Sweden's coronavirus strategy

World Health Organization (WHO) special ambassador Dr David Nabaro has praised Sweden for introducing soft restrictions as part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He stated this in an interview with Radio Magic.
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ado.slave ('adoceanblitzbgvppmqmhred', {myMaster: '32krqyjgbc4z5Sigp3zu1zeyf3dx9g_PSWM02Cjdcel.s7'}); According to his words, the Swedish strategy to combat the coronavirus should become an example for other countries in the long term. He noted that the key to victory over COVID-19 is trust between the authorities and the population. “In Sweden, the government proved capable of trusting the public, and the public - the government,” Nabaro explained.

He has called the approach of the authorities in this country to the fight against the spread of coronavirus faithful and correctly adopted by the population. According to Nabaro, Sweden relies on the good faith of its citizens and does not impose strict quarantine measures. The same policy must be followed by other countries in the future. According to the WHO special envoy, strict quarantine is a “rough tool” that seriously affects people's and small business incomes.

Earlier, Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said the country's refusal of quarantine during the pandemic gave the country a new benefit: it not only allowed the decline in GDP to be delayed, but also provided the kingdom with the opportunity to fully restart the economy. So, according to the latest forecast for the Swedish economy, its GDP this year will fall by 4.6%, and in 2021 it will grow by 4.1%.

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