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Will COVID-19 ruin the winter tourist season in our country?

COVID-19 has caused huge damage to summer tourism around the world. The expectations for winter expressed during the week and by the members of the Operations Staff are also that there is no winter season in our country. Despite the fewer holidaymakers, hoteliers do not give up and take all necessary safety measures, Nova TV reports.
In the coming months Bansko expects one of the most difficult seasons. There are many occasions for this. One of them is the ambiguity caused by the coronavirus, which leads to many unknowns associated with tourists who would look to Bansko and visit the resort.

For now, those who have stated their intentions to come to the resort are still not many. This cannot help but bother the hoteliers, who first lost a lot of money with the premature closure of Bansko in March, and then they could not enjoy a successful summer season again because of the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, reservations for the upcoming winter months are not many.

"I call this period “the Ice Age”. It started on March 15th and in this “ice age”, as well as after it, we must survive. It is difficult for both adults and small”, commented Malin Bistrin, who owns a hotel.

The Ice Age in Bansko literally froze the tourism business. After the month of complete isolation, the resort had to rely on the summer season, which, however, expected not to compensate for what was lost in the wonderful ski March and April.

"After all these problems, definitely the summer season went hard - certainly the employment is much lower than it was in the other summer seasons so far. We assume that the winter season will also not be very strong. In view of this - we are trying to get the tourists back again”, says Nadezhda Atanasova - hotel manager.


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