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With gas getting cheaper by 40.49%, EWRC brings down the price of heating by up to 25 per cent

Natural gas will become cheaper from 1 April by 40.49%, from 44.04 to 26.21 BGN per megawatt hour. This is what the experts of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission propose. The price will be discussed in an open meeting on March 26.
The same day, heating prices will be discussed. Record cheaper for thermal energy is the result of the record cheap for April gas.

Where is it cheaper?

Sofia - 25.14%

Plovdiv - 14.8%

Burgas - 16.4%

Varna - 7.8%

Vratsa - 21.3%

Veliko Tarnovo - 16.6%

Razgrad - 16%.

The open meeting on heating prices from 1 April will be again on 26 March.

The Energy Act has not yet been changed and this prevents the EWRC from setting prices retroactively in order to return money from the cost of gas from August last year.