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With over BGN 68 million, the budget for strategies of local action groups jumps

Over BGN 68 million will be provided under the Community-led Local Development (CMR) approach for the next two years. The funds will be used during the transitional period 2021 — 2022. They will be targeted for preparatory activities and the implementing strategies of the 64 local action groups in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture said.
The changes envisage financial resources for preparation of strategies for CMR for the next programming period, as well as an increase of the budget of each of the implementing strategy with over BGN 900 thousand public funds. The strategies will be prepared according to the needs of the individual regions, which will support the multisectoral development of settlements in the different territories of Bulgaria.Currently the budget under the approach CMR is BGN 364 million, and after the increase will be BGN 432 million. The additional funding has been granted to Bulgaria with a regulation of the European Parliament.