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World Tourism Organisation: Travel restrictions are maintained

All the world's tourist destinations retain travel restrictions for foreign tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in a communique published today by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (WTO), quoted by TASS.
From the outset of the crisis, the UN's specialised tourism organisation has analysed the consequences of the pandemic, according to the document.

One hundred percent of the world's destinations still retain travel restrictions for foreign tourists because of Covid-19, the organisation underlines.

According to the communique, 72 percent of destinations have completely closed their borders to international tourism. It is noted that opening up the world to tourism will preserve jobs, protect livelihoods and allow the sector to renew its vital role in ensuring sustainable development.

Earlier, the WTO announced that the number of international travel at the end of this year could decline by 60-80 percent year-on-year due to the spread of coronavirus. In 2019, the number of tourists traveling in other countries has reached 1.5 billion people. This indicator is 4 percent higher than the 2018 level.


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