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World wonders why China's economy 'exceeded expectations'

“China's economy accelerated its recovery in October, cementing China's position as the only major economy with growth this year,” Bloomberg commented after the release of official data on China's economy for October. Reuters reported that China's economic indexes generally exceeded expectations, Radio China reported.
The country's industrial growth continued to maintain a relatively high pace, consumption and investment stabilized and increased... In October, China's economic recovery continued. Better market demand is equally impressive and its role in the overall recovery of the economy continues to strengthen. It is “the clearest signal to date that China has recovered from the epidemic.” In addition to improvements in both supply and demand, people's employment and lives are also stabilizing. In October, the unemployment rate in Chinese cities stood at 5.3 percent, down 0.1 percentage points from September. It is worth mentioning that as of October 10.09 million new jobs were created in cities across the country and the goals and tasks for the year were met ahead of schedule.

The new momentum for China's economic development continues to increase. In the first 10 months of the year, the added value of high-tech manufacturing increased 5.9 per cent year-on-year, significantly faster than industry growth and above the expected size. With the vigorous development of the digital economy, the growth of new business models and products is relatively high. This cultivates new advantages and gives new impetus to the development of China's economy and continually increases the attractiveness of the world's most potential market.

In the last few months, people have actually seen that the Chinese economy remains highly resilient, maintains good adjustment opportunities and huge development potential. With the continued release of dividends from the series of policies and measures and the improvement of the business environment, China will surely meet the goals set for this year and will continue to strengthen confidence in the recovery of the global economy.