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Zhelyazkov: Within a few hours all trucks will leave for Bulgaria

Currently, the first convoy to leave Nova Gorica. The situation is changing very dynamically because it is a trans-European corridor that passes through several countries from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia. The first group of trucks left from Nova Gorica, currently moving in a convoy. That's how they should get to Bulgaria. This was what the minister of Rosen Zhelyazkov said at a briefing. We recall that earlier today the foreign ministry announced that the first 25 Bulgarian thira, blocked at the Italian-Slovenian border at the Nova Gorica checkpoint, left by convoy to Bulgaria.
“We expect to resolve the issue with trucks near Venice. Our consul in Milan is in contact with the drivers, we will ensure the transit traffic of our trucks, which have been grouping and lingering in Italy for several hours. We have assurance that in a few hours all trucks will leave for Bulgaria”, he added.

"02 948 24 04 - this is round-the-clock phones, everyone can contact for additional information. At this time food and drinks are provided from the consul in Slovenia. We have assurance that even with difficulties, the unhindered return of all trucks will be ensured,” Zhelyazkov added.